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Employee Benefit Plans

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Employees of 3sHealth-participating employers and their dependent family members have access to a variety of professional support resources and tools under their Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).

Call 1.844.336.3136 for professional, confidential support available 24 hours a day

LifeWorks, a leading EFAP service provider, offers a wide range of confidential and voluntary support services to assist eligible plan members and their families with resolving everyday challenges, complex issues, and everything in between at no cost.

Fees for the EFAP service are paid in advance by your organization to ensure your privacy, and the services are completely confidential. No one, including your employer, will ever know that you have used the service unless you choose to tell them.

How to access your EFAP

Plan members can access professional counselling services in a number of ways: 

  • By calling the LifeWorks Care Access Centre toll-free at 1.844.336.3136 anytime.
  • By visiting
  • By downloading the MyEAP app.


EFAP services from LifeWorks include: 

  • Short-term professional counselling provides support for personal and emotional issues. There is no pre-set limit to the number of sessions.
  • Family support services connect you with a family support specialist for personalized assistance with family planning, parenting, childcare, eldercare, homecare support, and more.
  • Legal support services provide consultation with professional lawyers to answer legal questions surrounding divorce, custody, adoption, real estate, debt, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant issues, and more.
  • Financial support services provide consultation with financial professionals to answer financial questions about budgeting, debt management, tax issues, and more.
  • Nutrition support services offer consultation with registered dieticians on any nutritional matter or concern.
  • Health coaching by registered nurses can provide information and advice, coordination and support, and coaching on any health risk or concern.
  • Specialized counselling and online programs to assist with career challenges, managing stress, tobacco cessation, enhancing your relationships, separation and divorce, and financial planning.

About LifeWorks

LifeWorks is the largest provider of employee and family assistance programs across Canada, as well as a leading provider of workplace learning and development solutions. LifeWorks has locations across Canada and has a counselling network of over 3,000 professionals with master's-level training and five to 10 years of EFAP training.

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